FIJI has been ranked the No.1 remote tourist destination with the best internet access by an online travel firm.

To mark the annual Internet Day on October 29, travel website Tourlane released a shortlist of 11 top holiday destinations for German travellers, with Fiji receiving the highest ranking.

According to Tourlane, the survey took into account the average internet speed, average cost of mobile data and distance from Germany.

“Travellers no longer need to give up their favorite vacation apps, messaging services, or mapping tools — even when they travel to some of the world’s most distant destinations. We are pleased to be able to present travellers with this list of inspiring destinations where they can enjoy a unique holiday and still be able to stay online,” said Manuel Stegmann, Tourlane’s head of travel product.

Visitor arrivals from Germany show an upward trend, increasing from 8188 in 2014 to 9658 in 2018, according to the Fiji Bureau of Statistics.

The full list of countries ranked by Tourlane is provided below.

1. Fiji
2. Chile
3. Laos
4. Indonesia
5. Thailand
6. Costa Rica
7. India
8. Ecuador
9. Kenya
10. Nepal
11. Cape Verde