TOUR Managers Fiji in partnership with CYTS Zhejiang and Fiji Airways will welcome more than 400 guests onboard two chartered flight from Hangzhou China for the Chinese New Year celebrations in February.

The chartered flights are expected to generate about $2 million worth of business for Fiji in the two-week period of their stay.

According to Tour Managers Fiji, more than 200 guests will arrive on a flight February 2 while a second flight carrying an additional 200 would arrive on February 8 at the Nadi International Airport.

Company managing director Damend Gounder said Tour Managers Fiji was excited to partner with an excellent and experienced charter flight operator such as CYTS Zhejiang.

“The charter flights will bring much needed visitor arrivals in what is traditionally a low season in Fiji's tourism arrivals,” he said.

“The partnership with Tour Managers Fiji see's the expansion of charter operations into Fiji which will only bring more benefit for all partners involved and the destination as a whole.”

He explained that Tour Managers Fiji would continue to strengthen its partnership with CYTS Zhejiang to create new opportunities and growth for visitor arrivals into Fiji.

“The future is bright for this partnership and we have strong belief that our relationship with CYTS Zhejiang will only grow from strength to strength.”

Meanwhile, CYTS Zhejiang general manager Zhang Qin said the company was proud to work with Tour Managers Fiji, Fiji Airways, Tourism Fiji and other destination Fiji partners to bring more visitors to the country.

CYTS Zhejiang has been credited for increasing visitor arrivals to Fiji over the past few years by bolstering Chinese visitor arrivals by organising chartered flights to Fiji.